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This is Jessica. I am new to Patreon, but if you know who I am, then you know I am a seasoned veteran to this poetic track, trapping naysayers in fishnets since my television debut of HBO's Real Sex.My most popular project, The Punany Poets has been one of the most impactful things I have ever created, second only to creating my beautiful son, with the help God and a man who does not love me anymore. Yes, I overshare, This is why I have been sent to this World, to think out loud, and to tell more than should, and show more than I ought.

This lockdown time has allowed me to complete a 500+ page collection of reflections over my 25 years in the business of love, and I still have some secrets, because I am a loyal Scorpio. But, there I go, digressing again.

The delightful experience of touring the country and the Caribbean sharing the good news of Black love, is, I am sure, a rare blessing. I have seen so many places, and have been touched by so many souls, my heart can not hold on to all of the energy. It comes spilling out through my writing, my art and now, though a bold multimedia platform I call COFFY TALK.

So, while I am looking forward to getting back to the stage, to entertain you with sensual suggestions in The Head Doctor show, I have created this page to tell you all about another gift I am leaving to this world. COFFY TALK is a social media network which is independent and free for the community to use and is not bound by advertising greed or puritanical algorithms, nor political agenda. It had already launched, so you can check it out at

COFFY TALK RADIO andCOFFY TV are also part of this entertainment package we artists at HIP (Holter Intellectual Property, Inc., a Georgia 501c3) are so excited about. We are asking for your support to build out and market our community networks, which are free to the public and essential for anyone who has experienced the limitations of self-marketing in today's internet.

Whether you make a monthly contribution of $100 or $1, your pledge is appreciated.

If you make a contribution of $100 I will send you a copy of my book, Verbal Penetration Published by Zane with a personalized note and autograph. This is the original OUT-OF-PRINT HARDCOVER, I just had delivered to my house today.

If you send a donation of $250 or more, I will send you a limited edition copy of the gigantic book I was telling you about earlier... 25 THE VAULT FIRST DRAFT, is a huge collection of Punany classics and brand-new pieces that will peel your wig clean off your head. Life fore real, when I was writing it, I was like damn, girl, you can write. But I knew it wasn't me, not entirely, there were some wild ancestors moving through me on this one!

Ok. That's about it. I thank you for your time and attention.

Respectfully yours,

Jessica Holter
Ghetto Girl Blue
Creative Director, Holter Intellectual Property Inc.

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