War Against the Womb

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Sitting at home dodging dis-ease
with the lines of a poem
that does not quite rhyme,
I had a run-on-thought
I decided to share
if you do not mind


... sterilization

master races

hidden phases of

the war against the womb


What is a woman to do

but prepare her herbal brew

when her babies

are what she would choose

every time?


Locked in the box

mainlining on fake news

six thousand six hundred sixty-six

reasons to fear

full-body condoms just to hug

a pod to make

a dinner date less wary

alternative truth, the new drug

a conspiracy theory

a new certified symptom

a death sentence

on every device you love

What is an American Citizen

to do but unplug?

 Jessica Holter

May 20, 2020


OK... I want to talk about two things, briefly. though I may expound in later blogs. But these Acts seem related to one another and to our present circumstances regarding health issues, including abortion, which I suddenly have mixed feelings about.

Man. let me start first by saying ignorance is bliss. The more I know, the more I wish I didn't" - Jessica Holter

In this Ghetto Girl Blue Blog we will be discussing two Acts that took place in 1924, the Sterilization Act and the Racial Integrity Act. WTF is right, if that's what you are thinking. #ThatShitCrazy

Did you know the Virginia Sterilization Act of 1924 was, I mean is, a thing? Huh? I remember my Momma telling me about sterilizations being common for Black and Latina Women. She was born in 1923 in Longview, Texas and hag been "fixed" as she called it, when she was still a young woman. he never had children.
Anyway, I did not know, until just a few days ago that it was, and I think, it remains a law, upheld by the Supreme Court. Let me know If I am wrong.
"The Virginia Sterilization Act of 1924 greatly influenced something called eugenics. Basically The Supreme Court upheld the law; deciding that it is constitutional to sterilize people who have some genetic flaw. Between 1924 and 1979, Virginia sterilized over 7,000 people under the act. In 2001, the Virginia General Assembly passed a joint resolution apologizing for the misuse of what they called "a respectable, 'scientific' veneer to cover activities of those who held blatantly racist views," but the Sterilization Act was never declared unconstitutional, according to everything I have seen on the subject.
The Racial Integrity Act also grew like a cancer on the skin of eugenics. In 1924, After realizing there were many people who had been so racially mixed over time, similar to the original Jews who wondered the earth for hundreds of years when they were release from Egyptian Captivity. But unlike them, who chose to procreate with Europeans, mandating that only your Mother had to be Jewish, for you to claim the right to the bloodline. The race mixing with white people produced the color-free Jews you see today. Jews Who stayed in Africa, rejecting the temptation to crossover, are still obviously Black, but have been largely rejected from Jewish rights.
"In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue" and found a non-threatening group of people living freely, on land that had been unchartered by any European Crown. By then, the Portuguese already had ports with Black Concubines in Africa, and White people already had some ideas about people of color based on early interactions in Egypt and the high-trade area around the Mediterranean Sea. These people were people with Black, Brown and Red complexion. Period. We have a different image in our heads of what Native Americans look like, because the early films about "Indians" were played mostly by White Male actors in theatrical make-up, with wigs on. Seeing that the people were friendly and soft enough to be manipulated, the Spanish men did not need to bring women with them. This is when the race mixing began, and over two hundred years, changed the face of these people of color to the Latinos you see today who are all racially mixed to some degree. 
The natives fought over 60 wars with the settlers (White People) once they realized the whole situation was a trick bag. The White folks had been funded by their governments to claim the new land for their kings and queens… and Jesus. A great many Natives of America were taken as prisoners of war and forced to become indentured servants, slaves, concubines, cooks, babymakers, fighters, musicians, carpenters, blacksmiths, shoemakers... they pretty much did all of the hard work to build the country and the life styles rich white people were accustomed to.
Under the Virginia General Assembly's Racial Integrity Act, race mixing was outlawed in the United States. This happened largely because, initially, the settlers did not bring women with them.  They took wives among the natives who were here. But, they could see that once a person of color, procreated with a White person, the children were no longer White, they were people of color. The official term for anyone who was not proven to be White and unmixed became "colored."   
so The act reinforced racial segregation by prohibiting interracial marriage and classifying as "white" a person "who has no trace whatsoever of any blood other than Caucasian." Pushed by Walter Plecker, a white supremacist, who was Registrar of the Virginia Bureau of Vital Statistics, the Racial Integrity Act caused massive property loss, and ruins of post-slavery advancement for people of color.  pushed natives off their land to make way for swarms of European Immigrants who began to flood American shores. The Racial Integrity Act required that all birth certificates and marriage certificates in Virginia to include the person's race as either "white" or "colored." The Act classified all non-whites, including Native Americans, as "colored."
Margaret Sanger, Founder of Planned Parenthood once said, "consequences of breeding from stock lacking human vitality always will give us social problems and perpetuate institutions of charity and crime."
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